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How do you know when a positive affirmation has stopped working for you?

Guest Beverly

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How do you know when a positive affirmation has stopped working for you?  


For instance, do you realize that your positive self affirmations are flawed, when change does not occur? 


Or, maybe when change is not forthcoming, it's not the affirmation that is at fault but the one saying it.  After all, if you are not open to change, then how can it happen?  


If your positive affirmations were not working, would you change the affirmations or work on yourself so as to be open to the possibility that they can change you? 

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I find it hard to leave questions unanswered so I will offer some kind of reply here though I might think about this a bit more and add to my reply a bit later.


One thing I sometimes do I know it's a bit time consuming! Is I journal anything that COULD be seen as a result towards the affirmation no matter how small. Because sometimes things can snowball!


Let me explain with an example or two:


The focus might be on money then you find a coin on the ground. Then a day or two later people talk about money coming to them.

You focus on love. People start to smile at you more and you start to see attractive people around.

You focus on luck. And you get your favourite seat on the bus that day.

You want to attract a job and you are offered a job that ISN'T a match but hey it is a start towards being offered a job that is.


Sometimes - I think Abraham Hicks say this, they are not everyone's cup of tea but I love some of the thighs they say - that the manifestation might start off as improved thoughts and feelings about the subject. That may be the first sign.


And you could do both, change you AND maybe add to the affirmations keep saying or writing them but add to them in some way.


Many ways to do this.


Do any of the words sound "loaded" to you, you might want to change them.


Or one of the ways to add to them might be include a sort of clause ok here's an example


I attract the love of my life and I have lots of love and freedom.


If you wanted to attract love AND were worried you'd lose your freedom if you did.


I attract money in fun easy ways I love.






How do you use affirmations write them say them, what?

There is more than one way you could explore let me know how you have been using them.

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