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program request topics constantly pile up daily, i grow tired of being patient, at this rate it will be next year until my request are fulfilled, and i do not have that kind of time, i am speaking for myself and others that feel this way. you've made your money many times over George. so telling us how to make these programs will not hurt you but we who must continue waiting are hurting....

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I too would love to know how to make these programs!! Yay!   HOWEVER,

I ALSO think that George deserves every penny he makes from us and anyone else.  Time is involved, thought is involved and skill and I think good on him.  While waiting for requests (I want to make some more requests soon and i know it might take a while when I do and that's fair) why not use and check out other videos he has made, use them in the meantime.  We are lucky, you know.  It's a good price including for customized videos.  

I know that feeling of I want it all and I want it NOW, BELIEVE me I do!  And Yes I'd love to know how to make these too.  But I also think, hey let George Hutton continue to profit from what he does, he puts a lot into these, he works hard, he's professional and lovely and he helps us and others.  The subs and forum at the moment are closed to new members which is probably to stop spam AND to give George time to make requests and again, aren't we lucky WE got in BEFORE that happened.  It will come.  He'll will make it all I'm sure, when he can and also, let him have time to have his OWN life.  George also probably enjoys making these and he's very good at it, let the man profit from doing something he loves and excels at! 

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