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tulpa for ascension?

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We have... the list of dieties and spirits and angels and what not there are explain it. Men and Women are the children of God, and God is the Creator. As his children, it would make sense that we all have God's Creation capabilities. As such, we are creators. 


However, the collective wills of many such realized creators (such as me and you), together can produce great, great entities. 


If we wanted the world to look like the LoTR realms through collective intent, it would happen. If we wanted it to look like a fascinating world full of myth and magic, it would happen. If it wanted it to look like most of the shit hole we have created for ourselves, that will also happen :)


Imagine if there were 100 Co-Creators, or 1000. What could we create? Just imagine the possibility. Creating 1 imaginary friend would be nothing... we could get a mini beautiful civilization going. 


That is if we had time away from having wealth and sex, anyway. Just a thought. 

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Yes creating tulpas is "easy", i created a bunch of them, but even that their existence is linked to yours they may become a threat. There are sevetal steps until a tulpa evolves from a tought to a fully real beeing, and you must be sure that you made no mistakes. Off course, you must be carefull because others entitys May try to pretend to be your tulpa to fed from you. Yes everything is kinda a hologram, and our minds are kinda small projectors,

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I don't know a lot about tulpas, only bits and pieces.  When you say about the Tulpa trying to feed, aren't there though ways you can protect yourself from this and also, can't you - I've read about this but I don't know off by heart - can't you tell them you want them to go when the purpose you created them for was served?  I haven't really worked with them, I have played with energy balls a little bit for fun but I read about this sort of thing recently, thought forms.  I THINK a Tulpa is a thought form?  It could look in your mind like oh anything you want, really and apparently as you go on they seem more and more real.  Well, I will experiment with this a little bit.  (With the energy/psi balls, I mean) For fun, but with a purpose.  OK, (this might sound strange, hope not.) 

Basically, when I did the energy balls, usually I just tell them to GET me something, bring me something.  I am more consistent with my journaling now than then, I THINK they worked but hmm I need to journal results more so I remember!   So, I'm not AS sure how you'd use one to assist with spiritual development, I don't see why not though.  Maybe they might cause you to notice things and meet people who would assist with that.  Anyway, this is an interesting subject and replies!  

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