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Do you write your affirmations down on paper?

Guest Beverly

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I am a long time believer in positive affirmations and have always tried to chronicle them in one way or another.  However, many of my own affirmations are verbal or in my head, mantras which I repeat to myself as they are memorized by heart.  More recently, as my own life has become more blessed with abundance of work (and also the stress that comes along with being busy and trying to manage both work and family and personal life), I feel less able to remember the words that help me through out the day.  I am trying to add new affirmations that I don't have memorized and so I need to rely upon a written version.  

I want to write these words down and keep them in a place that is relevant for me, such as beside my computer or even on the back of my bedroom door so they will be the first thing I see every day.


Is it an ideal solution to write out affirmations on paper, maybe to reword them until they are perfect?  Is it better to just memorize and only use a select few? 


I would like some guidance on this.  

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I am huge on positive affirmations as well. I write mine down and post them in several locations at home and work, use them as my screen saver  or background picture on my laptop, smartphone and tablet. The idea behind my doing that is so I automatically read the words the moment i see them  :)


I have even programmed some as "meeting" reminders popping up throughout the day on my calender. I have without trying, memorized my meeting reminder ones, So much so that i no longer need to read them when the reminder comes up, i find myself automatically reciting which ever it is at that particular hour with a smile on my face. :)


I have re-worded some of mine as my intentions have become more specific over time. I also add new ones when certain affirmations comes to fruition.


I don't know what your work environment is but you can "hide" your affirmations in plain sight by using sigils. From my understanding, your subconscious mind knows exactly what it means when you look at it even if you cant recall it. I get plenty of compliments on mine. I simply smile and say yes, i love abstract art  ;)

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I did write them but I'm trying to get away from writing as I am a slow writer, I'm faster at typing and as well as visual I have a strong auditory side so like to listen to them.

But I wrote two "Pray Rain Journals" (that's a Jeanette Maw technique, I think, and that's when you journal about it as if.  I think it's one of the things that helped me heal fast when I was sick (enough to be in hospital for 4 days, I had a non-surgical operation but even so the Dr was surprised how quickly I healed and I had to get quite a few tests!) and also I think it's one of the things that nearly got me my ex boyfriend back - but I let my fear get in the way, anyway now I'm actually GLAD I don't have him back!  So I think it's a great process and one I might try again.

Writing can be very powerful.  I'm a slow writer because I went through a stage of changing my handwriting a lot, for fun and to find my style! but I might do a bit more of this, if even on the holidays. 

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If you can write your affirmations you will strengthen the neuro pathways faster as you writing is adding a kinesthetic aspect to you affirmations.

Of coarse listening to you affirmations gives you the auditory and reading them gives you the visual.  Now if you can find a way to taste and smell them, I am sure your affirmations will turn into reality in no time at all.

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