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Please forgive my orthography English is not my mother tongue.



I become millionaire with my parapsychological powers

I win millions of dollars with the help of my parapsychological powers

I open an office close to my house to attend famous and millionaire people that seek for my help

I have two beautiful houses in my country and other two in the nicest cities in the world due to my parapsychological powers

I am invited to the most famous tv shows to talk about my parapsychological powers

I have my own tv program for talking and presenting chapters about parapsychological phenomena

My appearence is always young.  I look as an eternal being, half angel, half vampire

I have  powers of remote viewing

I can see what is happening anywhere in the world

I can push people, move things, inlfuentiate the thoughts of other with my mind

I have powers of biokinesis

I can transform in any being, animal, woman, man or child

I can transform my human form in seconds. I can be taller, shorter or make any part of my body grow or shrink

I am terrible sexy and sexualy magnetic with my parapsychological powers

I have lots of lovers due to my parapsychological powers.

I have powers of telekinesis

I can move the lottery numbers to win. I can move cars, persons, animals, houses. traffic, crowds

I can see transgenerational trauma in others and cure them

All my parapsychological powers make me millionaire and to live full of luxury in my own spiritual center

I can talk with people that has gone from this terrenal plane.  I know what is going on when someone dies

I am inmortal, indestructible and sexually irresistible.

I break any spiritual chain or manipulative intention of anybody

I can move people that is bothering me, just thinking they are gone.

I can discipline young people that is damaging my property and my tranquility

I can manipulate any machine or electronic device with my mind

I have a powerfull intuition

I clearly see the future

I know what is going to happen 1 hour after, 1 day after, 1 week after and years after.

I can cure people from incurable diseases

I just check on the people's aura and I know which their problem is

I know in advance why, when and how a person is going to act

My intuition guides me to riches and pleasure

I live a life full of luxury, wealth, money, pleasure, love and happines with my parapsichological powers

I can quit any job because I make millions with my parapsichological powers

I can save kidnapped people with my powers. I know where they are just thinking about them.

I have tremendous parapsychologycal sexual powers.

Gorgeous, wealthy and sexy women look for me for being cured having sex with me.

I give people tremendous spiritual travels with my powers

People always is so thankfull with me that give me millions of dollars for my services

At the end of this year I earn a fortune of 100 millions of dollars

I recomend polititians the strategies they need to win elections, and they win

I am tremndously famous for my parapsychological powers

I keep young, vigorous and healthy with my parapsychological powers

I am protected by my parapsychological powers

Nobody can even have the intention of attacking, insulting or hurting me because I live in a parapsychological fortress.

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