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Non neediness


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I am well taken care of


Everything that my heart desires I have


All my needs are taken care of


I release all feelings of neediness


I have all that I want


I am overflowing with abundance


I ask and it is given to me


I knock and doors are open


I have a variety of opportunities in my life


I am thankful for all that I have


I release all feelings of lack


Nothing is out of my reach


Universal love pulsates throughout my body


I give freely to others


I love to give


When I give I recive tenfold


People are appreciative of my kindness


I already have the life I want


Everything I desire is inside of me


The universe conspires in my favor


I am secure


I am always protected


I am overflowing with joy everyday of my life


I uplift souls whenever I'm in the room


I contain all the talents that I desire inside of me


I serve others with all the abundance I have


I keep on reciving prosperity more and more everyday


I am a cheerful giver


I have an abundance of sexual partners to choose from.


I have an abundance of energy flowing freely in body everyday.


I have all the tools to conquer any obstacle


I rest easily at night


Mother Earth provides me with energy to support my life


I am grateful to Mother Earth


I trust my intuition


My body works to help me recive more abundance


My sexual needs are taken care of


I know that all my needs are taken care of


Whatever my mind conciveth it can achieve


I release all fear of giving


I release all fear of loss


Because of my abundance I can achieve anything I want.

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