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I Make $100,000 a Month


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Financial Fortune RIGHT NOW


I easily make a perfect net income of $100,000 or more per month right now

I always have a large steady dependable weekly net income of over $20,000 a week right now

Why am I happily and gratefully earning over $20,000 a week right now?

Why am I always attracting massive amounts of money right now?

I am a mighty money magnet now

Tons of kind appreciative people LOVE to praise me and pay me every day

Divine substance is the one and only reality in my financial affairs now

God is my infinite and instant financially supply

I am always winning big cash and prizes

People LOVE to give me BIG financial gifts and big happy financial surprises --  free and clear

Why am I feeling so happy and grateful now that I always have over $20,000 per month in my paypal accounts to spend and withdraw?

Perfect employment opportunities to make $20,000 or more per week fall into lap easily and continuously

How awesome is it that perfect employment opportunities to make over $20,000 or more per week fall into my lap easily and continously

I made over $100,000 last month

I allow massive wealth, money and well being easily

I deserve to have financial fortune

I deserve to be financially rich and secure

I am  debt free millionaire with a perfect 720 credit score right now!

I am an excellent money manager

I give, spend, save and invest money in equal proportions

Accumulating over $1 million dollars in my bank accounts and investments by December 31, 2015 is so fun and easy for me

Why am I always tithing, thriving and financially wealthy beyond my wildest dreams?

I feel safe and okay being a millionaire

I always feel financially secure

Money loves being with me

I always have a high net worth

I Make Over $100,000 Per Month!

I Always Have Over $1,000,000 In Cash!

I easily tithe over $10,000 per month

I tithe and thrive

The Universe is so generous to me

My Life is wonderful and I’m grateful

I Am Now Richer Than Ever!

 I Am The Best I Have Ever Been!

 I Am More Powerful Than Ever!

I Am Now Smoother In Technique!

I Am Experiencing The Best Luck Ever!

My Life Is Fun Transforming Into Power!

I Love My Life!

I Love My Power!

I Love My Self!

 I Love My Health!

I Love My Growth!

 I Love My Wealth!

Why am I so lucky?

Why am I so blessed?

Why am I so wildly successful?

How great is it that I always experiencing immense fortune

I have easily paid cash for my dream home and dream car by October 31, 2015 

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