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Astigmatism Cure


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Astigmatism Cure 


I have a perfectly symmetrical cornea 

I have a regular shaped cornea 

I have a perfectly round shaped cornea

The lens inside of the eye are perfectly shaped 

The lens inside of the eye are of optimal health

I have 20/20 perfect vision

My eyes are of optimal health

My eyes celebrate their cellular prosperity

My eyes see the good in Life

My eyes see the good in People

My eyes see good all around me!

I can see in High Definition

My eyes are like a high tech microscope

My eyes are like a high tech telescope

My eyes are like a high tech camera

I can see colours vividly

I can see the edges of all objects clearly

I can see 1000ft infront of me clearly

I can focus my eyes easily

My eyes are the best in the world

I have amazing healthy vision

I am grateful for my perfect vision

I am proud of my perfect vision

I am proud of my healthy corneas

I always get perfect on eye exams 

I always am proud to see my life through beautifully perfect eyes

My perspective is healthy 

My cornea is a perfect sphere. 

I am thankful for my perfectly sphere shaped corneas

i always had perfect vision

When light enters my eyes it bends evenly; Always creating a clear view of every object

I have always had beautiful healthy eyesight. 




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