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(Kinda long!) 


With the Charisma Generator I mostly focused on Frame Control.  You see, for the last few weeks as I've been going out more to different group events, I kept finding a different awesome person to chat to every time & sometimes they would initiate the conversation so I was already feeling quite charismatic but I'd have awesome conversations with uplifting, lovely people and then nobody would give anyone anyone's number etc.  I know I can ask for THEIR number, but most of my life, I guess other people have always initiated this, even with friends.  (And yes, that's also something for me to change!) But I wanted people to start asking to hang out with me (platonically! again) rather just than have these awesome conversations, connecting and laughs at the event but then when it was over that was it.  I'm talking potential platonic galpals here.  


So as well as writing some affirmations on friendship, I was listening to the Charisma program Frame Control.  Just to be clear here!  I HAVE attracted awesome friendships in the past but me & the friends I had got busy with work & so on & I just am at the point where it's time for new friends again now. 


Anyway, before going out to this dinner event on Saturday night, I also listened to the Social Magnetism track and the conversations one too.  'Cos I'm quite friendly and bubbly, actually BUT deep down, I'm pretty shy and VERY self conscious and insecure (but not in a douche-y way!)  Anyway, I am intending those things will be PAST self traits! So I wanted to go to this dinner & decided to go but felt very shy before I listened.  


Well, I was there at the bar (only had one drink the whole night & I'm not a big drinker anyway & was basically pretty sober) and this guy suddenly came up to me and started chatting to me and that sort of thing hasn't happened for a while.  In off-line.  He had some of the features I find attractive too.  I enjoyed our chat, but then when the group were adjoining to the restaurant part, & he said he was just going to get another drink, I wasn't sure if he wanted me to wait for him or if that was a "hint" for me to scram, but I decided to go in with the group and sit down.  


Well, I ended up chatting with the 2 guys near me and even more so to the girl opposite me and I DID enjoy my conversations and mostly it did really flow.  The guy at the bar ended up coming over later on in the evening & sitting next to me, I think the host told everyone to move down, but still it was nice & also I like how I felt not so attached about whether he came back to me (though I had decided I didn't fancy him loads, but it was more that I liked SOME of his features & enjoyed our chat, anyway I'm on a sort of man-break anyway but I'm still very pleased what happened!) even though I told the girl about it & how I wasn't sure if I'd made the right choice (sitting down with the group, not waiting) then I sort of let it go I didn't obsess about did it come across as rude etc.  The girl ended up saying to me she'd like to stay in touch & wanted to exchange contact info which as I said is what I've been wanting to start happening.  These OTHER 2 girls came down with him to sit with us & one of them ended up asking everyone including me if we wanted to go and find a dessert place with her.  He said yes & I decided no, I was tired plus them 2 seemed a better match but it was still nice to be asked, to be included in that!  


And with one of the other 2 guys that like I said I chatted to, he was talking about places I can go to business-wise & when I said how I feel unconfident about marketing myself he said something like "Wow, I'm actually VERY surprised to HEAR that, that you feel unconfident at all, because if you do you hide it so well.  To ME, you come across as very confident!"  So that was great to be told!


(And, by the way, THOSE 2 guys near me were ALSO quite good looking.  I wonder if I ended up sitting near & talking to the 3 best-looking guys in the group....seriously!  I don't normally get that at that group at all or even many guys in that group I find attractive!  But I did on Saturday night!)


And yes mostly, like I said, conversations flowed quite easily for me.  


So...in short YES I DO feel like my charisma went up to the next level from the tracks, DEFINITELY!  Which is AWESOME!

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