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Texas Two Step Jackpot Lottery


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Hey George, 


  I would certainly appreciate a 30 minute, 4 voice track, for a very specific lottery game here in Texas. The affirmations are as follows: 



I am now a Texas Two Step Lottery Jackpot winner
I am so happy and grateful now to be a Texas Two Step Lottery Jackpot Winner
I only need one set of numbers to win
I am a winner of $500,000 after taxes. 
I accept this or something better.
I am happy for those that have won before me. 
It's not a question of if, it's a question of when, and the time is NOW
My winnings are right around the corner. 
I am grateful for any winnings I get along the way.
I feel great, lucky, and blessed because of my winnings.  
I am now financially secure and free because of my winnings
I no longer have to work because of my winnings
I can buy whatever I want because of my winnings. 
I am now a Texas Two Step Lottery Jackpot winner
I am responsible with my lottery winnings
I spend and invest my money resonpsibly
I am disciplined with my money and don't spend impulsively .
I easily manage my finances
I will make these winnings last .
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