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Fundraising campaign - Affirmations


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Hello George,

This is to get you in the mood of my situation and from that you can let me know if my affirmations are right, and  if you have any suggestions, please do include them.

OK, F.I.S.H. Corporation Foundation is MY foundation, I am the founder.  My brother have mental illness and I cannot find a proper home to lodge him because of his condition...so right now he lives in the street and as a sister, is really hard on my heart, head etc... And I am the only one in my family, that’s trying to do something.  Therefore, I’ve started a fundraising called The Three Little Pigs to purchase our first building and lodge at least 50 people by the end of December 2015.  We are making an appeal to the businesses all over Qc, for them to take either

·         Partnership of 750$ in exchange of 25 000$ in visibility

·         Partnership of 4 500$ in exchange of 80 000$ in visibility


GET 300 businesses x 4500$ by September 30 (in less than a month)

TOTAL of participant that we are looking for: 3000 x 4500 $/each


I have a couple of company:

Assommoir, Ensuite Media, Access Group direct marketing that is helping me to get the money through their network. 


Lefebvre & Benoit, Residences Soleil are really big companies and one of them offer to past our flyers to their network, but did not have a follow up and the other one, they told me they are interested, but did not get any call for a meeting yet...and times is passing by.  I have a bit of doubt and anxiety, because I want to see results and I need the proper help, if someone said they are going to do something, they have to do it.  That’s the only way that I can advance.

I feel at times that I doing this on my own with limited resources: human and money.  In the same time, I know that the UNIVERSE provide it all, so I need to HAVE some powerful affirmations with an intense subliminal, binaural beat that going to OBLITARATE ALL NEGATIVITY, ANXIETY, STRESS, DOUBT, INSECURITIES and ONLY FOCUS ON THE RESULT: 13 500 000$ THROUGH 3000 BUSINESSESS X 4500$ TO PURCHASE 4 BUILDINGS AND LODGE 125 PEOPLE BY DECEMBER 2015 & SET UP THE PROGRAM “Covering Yourself!”.   www.fishcorporation.org


It’s a virtual private club that permit businesses to do, b to b between each other and every 2 months or so, we do a high-end networking event called Business & Pleasure.  I set-up monthly packages for businesses that want to pay the 750$ by installment.  www.be2be.club.


ALL of what I’m doing is to get the money to purchase the buildings.  MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE !!



I am confident in my capacity to attract my goals and my heart desires. I am relaxing into greater abundance

I have 3000 businesses that take the partnership of 4500$/each and contribute to acquire the buildings

I have 300 businesses that take the partnership of 4 500$/each in less than a month

We raised 13 500 000$ Millions dollars against all odds

I have all the help that I need to make this fundraising a great success

I have lots of media coverage before, during and after the fundraising campaign

The citizens of Montreal and all over Quebec give millions of dollars on the website of the Foundation

F.I.S.H. Corporation Foundation is well known all over the world, respected and is in the top 5

All of the fundraising events for F.I.S.H. Foundation are a huge success and always sold-out

People respect F.I.S.H. Foundation and Be2Be.Club

I have 5000 businesses a month that take a package each on Be2Be.Club

Business & Pleasure is always sold-out with paying guests

I have the best partners for Be2Be.Club and F.I.S.H. Foundation all the time and all my other events

I have lots of Honorary President that participate in my events and they get their contacts to come to the events

I have lots of associations of entrepreneurs that partner with my events and invite their members to participate in our events and fundraising campaign

I have the best employees to run F.I.S.H. Foundation buildings and help a great deal our beneficiaries

My board of advisors is strong, have lots of connections, resources, they are honest and supports me

As the Founder of F.I.S.H. Corporation

I have the biggest network of top quality entrepreneurs in the world, which highly respect me and recommend me.

I am the most beautiful billionaire business woman in the world.  I have peace of mind and a easy life.

I have the best, faithful friends, business partners in the world; they love me and respect me.

I command respect, courage, strength, class, sophistication, cleanness, beauty, joy, abundance and health

I am married to a CEO Christian billionaire man from a 500 fortune company, that respect me, treat me like a queen, travel with me, generous, funny, and gentleman, strong, respected and respectful, honest, faithful, and I treat him like a king and we love each other, we are soul mate.

All of my businesses bring me massive passive income stream every day. I make a minimum of 500 000$/month.

All of my business idea are respected, people, citizens, business leaders are participating in big numbers

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