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Stop Self Sabotage


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Hey George, 


  I would like a 30 minute , 4 voice track for stopping self sabotage.  






I am free from self sabotage


I have overcome my self sabotage


I am free from self sabotage

I now command my subconcious mind to free me of any and all forms of self sabotage



I am 100% focused on achieving success


I accept and embrace change


I always strive for more in my life


My mind and body are perfectly aligned


My subconscious mind is working towards my conscious desires


Change is a good thing


I am changing to improve my life


I am 100% committed to changing my life for the better. 


I am WORTHY of success


I am good enough


I persist despite any setbacks


I push past any and all physical and mental resistance


setbacks make stronger and more persistent


I will achieve my ultimate potential in life


I stay positive in everything that I do


I am now taking action to achieve my all of my goals


I go all out to achieve my goals.


I am for the top level of success in anything I pursue

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