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It used to be that most people used the slow guided induction. Now it seems as most are moving to the rapid inductions. The instant handshake induction seems to be a popular one.

It works by creating a state of confusion in the conscious mind which gives a split second to give a command (sleep), and creating more confusion by slightly tugging the hand.

This induction literally shocks the person into a deep trance state. It puts the person into a deep somnambulistic state. Once in trance the hypnotist must keep speaking or the individual will simply exit hypnosis quickly.

George, what's your opinion of rapid (instant) inductions?

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I've learned a few of those, including the handshake induction.


The main thing is NOT the induction itself, or the words it contains, but the pure confidence and frame of the hypnotist.


If there's ANY sense of weakness in the hypnotist, or there's any feeling of uncertainty or weirdness in the subject, it simply won't work.


It also requires the subject to have total faith in the hypnotist, OR, be completely passive that they let ANYBODY take control. Few people are like this.


One training I went to several years ago had ONE GUY that easily went into trance, so everybody kept trying these "quick inductions" on him.  But nobody could get them to work on each other, since we had our "defenses" up.


In all those YouTube videos where you see this happening, it's really a matter of editing. A "street hypnotist" will try a handshake induction on maybe 50 people in one afternoon, and only show you the 1 or 2 times that it worked. The other 48 times the subject would look at the hypnotist like he's a pickpocket or something.


IMO, quick inductions are really only party tricks, and they are only really needed therapeutically (or helping people change in a conversational setting) when time is literally limited. Like they're about to set themselves on fire or jump out a window or something.


In those situations, you COULD try some "quick induction" or you could just throw some water on the dude, or grab him before he jumps out the window.


The ultimate goal of hypnosis is to HELP PEOPLE, not make the hypnotist look like a wizard. ;)

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