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Approval Free - Impervious to Others Opinions


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Recently, I have been using the Approval Free video and have been noticing great changes. Particularly with people that seem to think one thing about me that happens to be not true at all. It has helped me not care what other people think, which restrains so many. This video has helped me feel more confident and free. Now whenever someone says something stupid or something about me that isn't true, I just laugh at it and shake it off so easily


If you have trouble with caring about what others think...This is one you have got to try out....



POST/REPLY with your experiences below and let me know what you think...

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I do not find any title called "Approval Free" when I do a search of the mindpersuasion.net forums, on Google, on Vimeo, or on Youtube. .


Apparently, these titles change over the course of time, depending on who's posting them.


On Youtube, you can find -

"Impervious To Opinions Of Others - No Need For Approval - Independent Of Criticism"



On Vimeo, you can find this same title listed as -

"Ego Killer - Become Impervious To The Opinion Of Others" 



Both of these titles share the identical affirmation list, and both lists of affirmations have suggestions about being free from the need of approval from others.


So, if anyone is looking for "Approval Free" and like me, are unable to find it, try one of the other names it's posted under if you're looking to see if you'll get the same results as the two members who posted of their results above.

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