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Unshakeable Faith and Belief

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I sincerely LOVE your work...I'm working with several topics with great success BUT, there is still something I am missing. I would love it if you would create a vid, "PREFERABLY A PRIVATE VID" just for my personal use :) But if not, then I guess it can be shared :) About Unshakeable faith and belief in the process, in getting what you want or that unshakeable expectation. Something to erradicate doubts forever! I think this is the missing link for me. I know you have one on affirmations and beliefs but I think one specifically on EXPECTING RESULTS is what is needed. Sample Affirmations...


I am one with God

I am one with the Universe

I create at will

My appearance conforms to my liking

I am a superior being

I fully expect to manifest all I desire

I know I always get what I want

I expect all that I ask for

Why do I manifest my desires so effortlessly?

I ask for what I expect

I trust in getting my desires granted quickly if not instantly

I allow my desires to take physical form immediately

I am unstoppable

I am powerful beyond measure

Why do I have unshakeable belief in myself?

My beliefs serve my every desire

I trust my power to manifest all I desire

I Believe I can have what I choose to have

My faith serves me despite what is going on around me

Why is it so damn easy to create what I see in my world?

My beliefs serve me despite what others say or do

My power to manifest comes from within

I manifest everything I desire with confidence

I only focus on positive results

I think only about the end result

Why do I have this immense power?

I live in the feeling of the wish fulfilled

I trust in my unbreakable confidence

I believe in my ability to have what I want

I manifest things I desire out of nowhere

I am a manifesting genius

Why is living the life of my dreams so damn effortless for me?

I am one with God

I believe in my ability to manifest now

I expect my desires to manifest instantly

My faith is my fortune

Why does everyone bend to my will?

My beliefs in myself and the Universe work in harmony

My mind dwells only on what I desire to see manifested

I live with positive expectation

I am a manifesting wizard

I project my will on the Universe and watch my desires become my world

My will is unmatched

Why am I blessed with everything I desire?

Any beliefs I have serve me

My desires show up instantly

The universe obeys my thoughts

My thoughts stay centered on my happiness

I can have be and do all I desire

Manifesting my desires is effortless to me

Abundance flows to me effortlessly

Wealth flows in my life like water in a stream

My expectations are high because I always get what I desire

Love surrounds me constantly

I radiate supreme confidence

I expect what I desire now

I know what I want and always get it

My faith is the strongest force on earth

I believe in me

I trust that I always get what I want

The world bows to my will

Why am I so supremely confident?

The Universe is my servant

All things rush to aid in the manifestation of my desires

I am infinite power

Why do I attract my desires effortlessly?

I trust the process of manifesting completely

I am flawless

I draw all I need to myself, like a magnet attracts steel

Why can I manifest instantly?

I draw all my desires into my world effortlessly

I get excited when my desires show up physically

I look for my desires to manifest with supreme confidence

The Universe is my faithful servant

I alone decide what is created in my world

My life is always perfect

Why do I have this immense power?

I think of a desire and it manifests instantly


You are................

You are................


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I eliminate self sabotage

All blockages hindering me from manifesting the life I want are now released.

All power resides within me

As within so without

I release all fear of myself

I accept myself

Anything is possible

I belive in myself

I belive in my abilities

I am an infinite being

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