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The 256 v on Vimeo had affirmations that wasn't for me so I'm a create one that isn't so outlandish.


I remember who I am

I am protected from hexes and curses

All hexes and curses has been removed from my being.

I am that I am

All is one

I am a master at casting spells

Everyday I am becoming better and better at Black magic

I am a master of the left hand path

I am a master of the right hand path

I have enormous amounts of sexual energy in my body.

I am a master at the Occult arts

I can Astral project at will in my sleep

I retain full awareness in my sleep

I know how to enter anybodys dreams at will

I am able to enter anybodys dreams at will

I can download the qualities of any God I choose at night.

The Gods favor me

The Gods wish for my Success

I remember all occult information from past lives

I am able to control myself with my power

I always use my power responsibly

Anything is possible

I am an infinite being

All power lies within me

I recive power from the galactic core

The future is never fixed

Earth will be peaceful once more

Every person I touch becomes awakened soon after.

I am able to have conversations with all my other incarnations.

My body remembers information I obtain from my spirit realm.

I can download any quality that ever existed, will exist or will never exist that I like.

I recive flashes of insight during the day.

I am getting better everyday in everyway at Tantric Sex

I am getting better everyday in everyway at sex Magic.

The planets Support me in my journey

There is nothing to fear

I release all fear of the Occult

I release all fear of my own power.

I communicate with my angels at any time I want

The archangel Michael protects me

The archangel Razael guides me

I always embody the will to live

I enjoy life

I am thankful for every experience I have

all Soul contracts that limit my power are now null and Void.

All soul contracts that allows parasites to feed off of me are now null and void.

The lords of Karma have no power over me.

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