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Hey guys

I haven't been listening to subliminals or doing any drills in my IA for ages now and I've become a little stupid, so that's why I've decided to restart my journey


I have now decided to do the following eveyday or mostly eveyday


I'm using Intelligence Accelerator and kundalini( because I feel like it)


Here's the list:

Image streaming everyday for 5 mins

Listen to GPA Boost every morning

Listen to sublimnals eveynight on a loop

Do the ABC list everyday

Meditating on listening to the kundalini music eveynight or so

Listening to Gamma brain waves


I'll be recording all my achievements like IQ, test scores etc


Also I used audacity to combine all of George's Vimeo videos on intelligence into one track consisting of 30 subliminals, because it might be "TOO" powerful I'll use it once every often


Also if you know any other exercises that help with intelligence please tell me! I need all the help I can get.



Thanks everyone????

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Alright it finished rendering and well it sounds quite bad but it's nice In a low volume sounds like a storm and waves crashing really fast and hard.


So I'm like getting 6000 voices into my subconscious so it's quite hard to keep up


I'll post more about this subliminal

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So I've started listening gamma brainwaves for one hour everyday since Monday last week and I've noticed my memory a little bit better, faster recalling and processing speed.

The problem I still have is visulaztion and I don't always d image streaming but because gamma aids with visualization I should be better at it in a few days or weeks

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