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Nature vs. Nurture, the final battle


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I know, we've heard this argument thousands of times but I'm here to put a K.O to this argument and say Nurture wins. As in the environment in which you were raised determines your personality. Lemme give you an example, you take a stem cell, let it divide 1000 times and take 3 of the new copies. They all have the same DNA, but put each of them in a different environment and one might turn into a skin cell, one a muscle and one a fat cell. Why did they change, I thought they all had the same genetics. it's because the environment affects the genes that are turned on and off. For humans it's differe because we can change our DNA structure using our mind. Although unrealated an army test was done where a solidiers genes was put in a bottle and the soldier was subjected to stimulus and the DNA reacted as the man reacted in real time with no lag. The army wanted to see how far they could go and seperated the man and the DNA for 50 miles and still no lag time. What I'm trying to say is that what we think, feel and process all factors into our DNA structure.

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