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Bring Repressed Memories to light


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I release all emotional blocks

Everyday I remember repressed memories

I release all pain from my childhood

I bring all hidden talents to my conscious awareness.

I accept my shadow side

Everyday I intergrate my shadow side more and more in my Psyche.

I learn from my mistakes

Everyday I slow remember childhood memories

Everyday I slow heal childhood trauma

I release all emotional triggers associated with trauma

I release all feelings of abandonment

I release all feelings of shame

I heal my inner child

everyday i slowly remember childhood trauma

I eliminate self sabotage

I am a good person

I am worthy

I deserve to be respected

I am able to express myself

People allow me to express my emotions

I slowly bring all suppressed anger to my conscious awareness.

I slowly bring all sadness to the awareness of my conscious awareness.

I release all feelings of rage

I release all feelings of sadness

I accept who I am

I love being me

It is great to be me

It is okay to show your feelings

It is okay to express your power

I release all feelings of powerlessness

I deserve good things

I easily deal with childhood pain

The more I deal with childhood pain the more successful I am.

The more I deal with childhood pain the happier I am.

I love myself

I embrace my inner child

I release the fear of telling the truth

The truth shall set me free

I am free of all past burdens

It is okay to explore

It is okay to cry

I forgive everyone who has wronged me

It is okay to feel my emotions

I release the need to judge myself

I remember who I am

I rember agreements in My Subconcious that I made before this life.

My subconscious is my partner in my success





(WARNING, you might not be able to handle this Subliminal so listen at your own risk. This is a powerful subliminal and you should dedicate a week off to listen and deal with your pain. Releasing your trauma can help you uncover many hidden talents that you haves and limiting beliefs also that are holding you back. You should drink a lot of water while listening to this because that will clear out all the toxic emotional pain trapped in your cells and physical body. I would like to hear what happened when you did this meditation.

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