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Every day I am guided by my supernatural intuition

I tell the people what they need in the moment

People always payback giantic amounts of money for my advice and intuition

People showers me with money for my answers to their problems

I go to hospitals and diagnose the most difficult illness with my intuition

And People thankfully pays me with cash and see me as an answer for their prayers

I find people that is kidnapped

the richest families pay me big amounts of money for finding their relatives

I do everything with no effort, just my intuition

I just stay in a place and intuitively do what I have to do to win millions

I just stay in a place and intuitively tells what the opposite sex want to hear to fall in love

I buy winner numbers of lottery

I tell people numbers for winning lottery tickets and they pay me back thankfully

My intuition prevents me and people from danger, even from death

people see an angel from god in me, cause I always cure, save and advice them correctly

My intuition is world famous

I open an office for atending people with my intuition and I become instantly millionare

People thankfully pays for my intuition

I have all the answers and I do not even realize when my intuition acts

I am always in the right place at the right time to obtain money, health, pleasure and safety.

I can see with days, months even years of anticipation the future problems and I avoid them

My Intuition makes me invisible when I need.

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