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Meal Time Ritual/ Sciripting


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So here's a good technique to manifest your goals.


1. Meal Time Ritual


This is called the meal time ritual, well because you do it before a meal. So here's how it goes.


You get comfortable, sit down and take out your affirmation book, (or a piece of paper). You close your eyes and breate in for 4 seconds, Hold it for four seconds and breate out for 4. Do this for 2 minutes. After that write down your affirmations on the paper/book. Then you eat ????????????????. And after that you repeat the breathing sequence and affirmations. This floods the body with endorphins, de stresses you and puts you in an alpha state where you are more receptive to the affirmations than in a Beta mind. Also it floods the body with oxygen to help with respiration to convert the food into energy. Remember breate deeply and from your stomach.


2. Scripting


So after you've written you journal entry this should be done right before bed. Pick 2 scenarios in which you might face Tommorow in which you might have resistance. Then visualize you getting a positive outcome in solving the problem. Visualize you having a positive day and you working toward achieving your goal.

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