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Bring back my ex-husband (spouse) Restore our love/commitment after divorce

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I would LOVE it if you would make a vid to bring back an ex spouse! I have read tons of forums on the web where many women want help in getting back together with an ex husband or partner. Not every marriage ends because of infidelity or betrayal or such horrible things. Some marriages that go wrong, end because of outside circumstances/influences or just plain bad experiences for one or the other spouse from their individual pasts, the pressure overcomes and the final result is divorce. (As in my case) Regardless, it doesn't change the love felt, the longing to have what you had or the desire to fix the wrong and start from scratch. :)  Some of us just need help believing in second chances. So! With that, George, you will be doing me and countless other people a HUGE favor if you make this vid, A.S.A.P!!!! ;)  (Knowing a bit about how the mind works, I don't know if concentrating the affirmations on him being an EX-HUSBAND will keep him being an Ex???? Or should they be worded differently in order to bring him back to rekindle the marriage vows?) Thanks :D


Sample Affirmations-

My ex-husband and I still have a very deep soul connection

My ex-husband thinks about me more than ever

My ex-husband (spouse) shows his deep love for me daily

Divorced couples reconcile all the time

My ex husband forgave me

I forgive my ex husband

My ex husband welcomes me back

My ex husbands love for me is stonger than ever

People remarry and live happily together all the time

I release all past mistakes and believe in the future with the man I love

My ex-husband adores me

My ex-husband looks forward to married life with me once again

Our love and commitment is restored to what it was on our wedding day

I trust the love my ex-husband and I have

My ex-husband expresses his love for me easily

My ex-husband protects me

The love my ex-husband and I share is envied by others

The trust my ex shows me is envied by others

The commitment my ex and I have for each other is the strongest force on earth

The desire my ex has for me is envied by others

We share the deepest trust and love for each other

Our desire to be together is the strongest force on earth

My ex and I have amazing sex together

My ex desires to be intimate only with me

I believe in commitment and loyalty

My ex looks forward to a life with me again

I deserve to be happy with any man I desire

My ex-husband can't live without me

My ex-husband wants me with him

My ex-husband has always been loyal to me

My ex-husband remembers only the good times we share(d)

My ex-husband and I respect each other

My ex-husband and I commit to each other again

My ex-husband and I look forward to a life together again

My ex-husband and I are soul mates

My ex-husband and I trust each other

My true love commits to me again

It is easy to reconcile with my true love

My soul mate forgives my mistakes

Your ex-husband and you still have a very deep soul connection


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