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I know there is one for Martial Arts "One Army", however I think there are things that are not included and that are basics for a MMA fighter:


I am fast and strong

I resist hours of intense fight

My jaw is of steel, it is imposible to knock me out

I am faster than the smallest categories

I hit stronger than the Super Weight category

My legs are made of strong steel

My body is that strong that those who hit me with no protection break their bones

I am extremely flexible

I can kick as taller, precise and stronger than a Tae Kwon Do champion

I naturally know how to fight Muai Thai

I use my knees and elbows with letal perfection

I know Kiusho Jitsu, Every hit I assest is directed to a energetic point

I knockout everyone and I provoke no harm to their bodies, their just go to sleep

I am the best at Brazilian jiu jitsu

I am capable of making a submission in one second

I can fly and kick as  chinese movies

My reflexes are that fast that no hit can land on my body

I have a powerfull detector of hits ad kicks and instintevely move 

I learn everything just watching MMA fights on tv

My body copies the strongest, fastes and precise fighters with no effort

My contenders see me and they got scared just of watching my energetic field

There are those who decline just watching me

I know GrecoRoman struggle

I am a master of Olimpic struggle

I know all locks and moves before they even think about it.


and so on....I really do not know if it is to much...


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