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GENIUS intelligence - unleash Einstein - important request

Guest oneaboveall

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Guest oneaboveall

I am free of all mental and emotional blockages

I am a super genius

I have genius potential

I can think outside the box

Genius thinking comes naturally to me

I constantly seek new knowledge

My learning potential is unlimited

I remember things quickly and easily

I have a burning desire to learn

I am finding it easier and easier to come up with new ideas

I think with clarity and complete focus

My mind is always sharp and focused

I am incredibly intelligent

My brain can master any new information it comes across

My intelligence is becoming more and more powerful

Why am I so intelligent?

People are surprised at my intelligence.

Complex ideas are easy for me to deal with.

My IQ increases every day.

I process information efficiently, accurately and fast

I am incredibly skilled at everything you do.

My bright mind always find the most creative solutions

I always use critical thinking to analyse a situation

I acquire knowledge and skills quickly

I am exceptionally clever and talented

I have the ability to think either logically or creatively

I have exceptional creative power

My innovative mind transforms society

I am extremely smart

I absorb facts like a sponge

I learn things very fast

My genius mind benefits myself and others

I have excellent problem solving skills

My imagination is strong and active






This should be powerful one george. Use alpha waves instead of theta george. .thnx

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