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Release Shame, Guilt and the Past


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I release of feelings of guilt in my body

I am guilt free

I release all self destructive patterns

I release the fear of messing up

I release the need to elicit sympathy

I release shame from not following social norms

I release the need to be approved by others

I release all guilt, shame, fear of negative judgements on having sex.

I release all guilt and shame for past mistakes

My past actions no longer hold me back

I always speak up for myself

I overcome all restrictions

I let go of all insecurities

Deep positive changes in my personality benifits everybody else

I am free to act as I wish in life

I forge my own path in life

I pursue my destiny without shame

I strive everyday to be more and more authentic

I always stay positive

I eliminate self sabotage

I have strong mental fortitude

I am fearless in speaking up for myself

It is good to speak up for myself

I always question authorities

I release all emotional pain in my body

I release all emotional shame in my Aura

I accept my past

I respect myself

I accept myself

I love myself

It is okay for me to love myself

I accept my body

I forgive all those who have hurt me

I learn from my mistakes

I am proud of myself

I accept who I am

I am confident in my own body

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