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Friendship Affirmations


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I deserve to be loved

I deserve to have friends

People love me

People will not judge me for what I believe in

People accept me

I have a I rich fantastic inner life

I am emotionaly stable

The inflection of my voice coveys understanding

The inflection of my voice conveys courage

I am not shy in expressing my personal power

I respect myself

I respect others

I share open heartedly

I am a loyal friend

People trust me with secrets

People kindly come to me to help them

I have a large grpup of friends and acquaintances

I am becoming more empathetic everyday

I relate to all types of people no matter the age

I am a bridge between generations

I always meet a helpful person on vacation

I attract people who will bring me great gifts

I attract positive people who will help me in my career greatly.

I am a well known person

I eliminate self sabotage

I improve everybody's life just by them being in my presence.

I am a reliable person in my friends time of need

My friends always remember me for the positives all throughout their life

I leave a positive lasting impression on people

My friends are grateful to be around me

I bond with people easily

My friends love to call me

My friends love being around me

I bring out the hidden talents of my friends

My friends always help me when I'm in need

I attract rich and powerful friends

I attract sexy friends

I attract smart friends

I attract kind friends

My friends always look to me to lead them

I am popular

I am the most loved person in my social circle

My friends help me achieve my goals

The best friend that I've been waiting for is on their way

I am a supportive friend

Positive Friends from past lives come back into my life.

My friends from past lives help remind me of who I am.

I recognize each friends hidden talent

I love myself

I admire myself

I support myself

I accept myself

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