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I eliminate self sabotage

I am sexually confident

I am ready to attract partner of my dreams

I am open to new sexual experiences

I know what my body thrills

I am a proficient lover

I am sexually attractive person

I have a great sex-appeal

I am full of sexual energy

I know what I love

I have unlimited sexual power

I love pleasuring my partner

I like to experiment in sex

I love sex and enjoy it

I attract into my life a suitable sexual partner

I am a very attractive person

I am happy with all my sexual experiences

I am a sex magnet

I am filled with sexual power

I am an attractive person with a very strong sexual desire

I am feeling erotically inspired

I am blessed with healthy sex

I am full of erotic energy

I am satisfied with my erection

I am happy with my sexual partner

I am determined to enjoy sex

I am grateful for my sexual life

I have unforgettable sex every time

I have a high sex drive

My libido is strong

I have powerful full body orgasms

I instinctively know how to pleasure my partner.

My aura oozes with sexuallity.

Because of my confidence in my body women want to have sex with me.

I am amazing.

I give wonderful unforgettable sex with people.

I deserve to have a rich sexual life

I deserve to be able to have an abundance of mates to choose from.

I fell confident during sex.

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