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Hypnosis and Subliminals for children


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What do you think of playing APPROPRIATE subliminals for children in the background at night. Since before 7 the Subconcious behaviors learned will be blessings or curses for the rest of your life, why don't you help your child attract good situations. you wish the best for your children ,why don't you program your child to make good descisions. You want an Einstein just put on some intelligence subliminals. this might be controversial so what do you think.

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I wrote it my blog post here, but children have it all figured out. Presence of Mind, Infinite Feedback Loop, Enjoyment of Life, Endless Imagination, etc. 


The hypnosis occurs within society when everyone literally surrounding children says you CANNOT do this, and since they're so sensitive, they follow along and start limiting themselves. The challenge for the parent would be likely on how you move the child away from this societal hypnosis (homeschooling?) and stop them from any forms of limiting beliefs they may get along the way. But Yes, even from George's IA, I have figured out that children are pretty much naturals. If every child were allowed to do whatever the heck it was he/she wanted, the world would be a vastly different and more prosperous/exciting place. 


We all owe an apology to children. Sorry kids, we dun goofed. Now you go fix it. 

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With corpal punishment which is just an easy way to make a kid shut up which has long term effects creates even dumber children, especially if hit on their hands which were meant to explore and when you hit them on the hand it takes away the drive to explore and studies have proved this. Our society through yelling at children when they do something wrong which is a crazy thing to do because children have a natural fear of loud noises and Education, dumbs down children into efficient slaves who accept what is handed to them and always submit to authority. Parents spanking out of love is kinda twisted and sick and it's just a Subconcious program taking over since they saw their parents do it they think it's okay to do it. These Subconcious behaviors inherited through early life experience messes up the natural inborn innovation of human beings and creates the need for an external enemy to be innovative. Do you have any suggestions on how to not mess up their infinite potential?

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