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We've all heard this as a child, whether it's from a teacher or parent this is a powerful affirmation that can damage a childs life. Shame/guilt shuts down the 3rd chakra which is the solar plexus and this could lead to insecure behaviors and narcissistic ones also. The effects of this is evident if you look at an 13 year olds Facebook feed. Girls wanting attention because even though they look "good" they unconsciously don't belive that and have to take tons of selfies to elicit likes. This is the true definition of "image issues". I was wondering, how do you reverse this affirmation that is programmed into the psyche of millions of people and whatever the shame is associated with they will have a bad feeling in their gut when doing it. Especially Sex. It's an effective method of control for your kids but the long term effects may create some nasty pathologies. What are your thoughts on this and what affirmations do you suggest. Also this is psycho somatic so the trauma from the shaming is stuck in the body chemicaly and energetically via the freeze response. Google that response to see what I'm talking about.

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I don't believe that everything in life can be cured with affirmations. It needs  lots of work and  understanding why someone is behaving like this.

I believe that subliminals makes us a little lazy because they put us in the observers place.We observe how we feel, how others react and at the end we remain stagnant.

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