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Free will mastery


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I eliminate self-destructive thoughts

I dissolve negativity

I let go of all past fears

I let go of the need to conform

I express my individuality.

I eliminate self sabotage.

No person, place, agency or thing has power over me.

I make my own decisions

I am immune to manipulation

Nobody can manipulate me

I have complete control over myself

No person, Place, agency or thing can make me do anything.

People love when I express my individuality

People love it when I do not conform

I am a free being

I talk back to anyone I want

I release all fears of authority

I let go of the need to submit to authority

I use wisdom in expressing my will

I respect others free will

I release the need to follow the masses

Nobody can force me to do anything

No person, Entities, agency or government can restrict my movement.

I release all fear based programming in my Subconcious.

I release all feelings of fear in my body.

people find me irresistible when I express my free will

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