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I'm not sure what to call this.. Get out of mind numbing vid..?


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I'll try to make it short.
I'm 20 years old and have been depressed for about 8 years of my life. I got pretty much fully past it for about 6 months ago, but I still have a HUGE issue.
My way of dealing with my depression was playing computer, mindlessly to forget about all my problems. I could stare at the computer screen and not think about anything at all and be like "numb" in the brain, if you know what I'm saying.

This issue still persists. My memory nowadays SUCKS. Although I wouldn't even call it my memory. It's like I'm not storing stuff in my brain, even when I'm trying. An example is that I watched the whole "game of thrones" series, loved it, but can barely remember any characters or names or what actually happened in it before being reminded. The only names that I can recall just like that is "Stark" and "Lannister". I was at the pub with some friends and we spoke about the series and at that time I realised that even if they explained who some of the characters were, I couldn't remember them until I saw a picture of them. Same goes for anything, singing exercises, lyrics, etc. which is a problem since I'm a singer.
This problem inhabits me so much in life.

Another thing is that I have a REALLY hard time focusing enough in discussions to get to my point, without forgetting what it is which makes me look so stupid.
In other words, what I'm looking for is a way to get out of my mind numbing... A vid that somehow started to engage my brain more in whatever I was doing would be soo god damn helpful for me. I think it could help a lot.

My "mind numbing" is fucking me up so much and makes me perform low on whatever I do in life. I used to be a really smart kid but then shit went down the drain.

Thank you so much in advance.
I really hope that you take this seriously and make a thought through vid about this problem bc I don't know where else to go with this. Help to engage your brain... Nope, I'm out of ideas.

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Hi Adde and Welcome to the forum here.


I'd just like to ask if you have ever been on medication for  your depression  over the years. :wacko:

I was thinking maybe te medication could have had some effect on your memory. :blink:

This would be very frustrating for you, especially if you have no idea why.

These games you Play? :huh:

We go to the Gym to get Physically fit, this also makes us mentally fit, as it releases endorphins and after feel good chemicals. :D

The same goes for our brain, we need to exercise the muscles in our brains for it to function healthily. B)

If we are only using one section of our brain for years the other muscles tend to weaken. I'm no doctor, but I think if you went to a doctor and get checked first, it could be more serious. ;)

As well as using the great material and videos here at MP, there are brain entrainment videos (Binaural Frequencies) on you tube that can help for that type of health issue, there are heaps of apps as well. :)


I'm no doctor, but I can see you are young, and have lots to live for. I would certainly be throwing your games in the bin, they only put rubbish in your mind.

PlayStations and Xbox are barred from my home, I have 3 boys, they do other cool stuff instead. B)

What Videos from MP are you listening too now?


doing crosswords or mind games that stimulate the front lobe of your brain is very good.

Things like online scrabble, Chess , really good for  improving your memory. Ill keep up with how you travelling, But please see a doctor first.

Be talkin later to you . Take care

Tori :)






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Ok, really need an edit button.. would make this more user friendly.. ;)



There's a video called Peak Brain


There is also another series you can purchase as well call Intelligence accelerator (located on the home video page bottom left under popular tools.)

I'd listen to Peak brain twice a day . I usually get good results around 21 days, but everyone varies.


If there are any other underlying issues like depression, listen to one of those as well

Hope that was helpful :)

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I'm not a psychologist and so on but I am just going to offer you an opinion, bare in mind that's all it is my OPINION.

What came to my mind was I wondered about ADHD or similar or even if you DON'T have it -l I'm certainly not

in any position to "diagnose" ANYTHING but as some of the symptoms are similar the bad memory and

lack of focus I just wondered whether the video here on ADHD under health might help and I think there are

ones (under the mindskills?) section on things like focus.  I may try the ADHD one myself too, by the way.

One more thing, George Hutton has a program for both creativity and memory, 

his infinite intelligence (I think it's called) program.

On the product page on mindpersuasion.  I think it might also help you.

Let me know if you need any of the links within the site. 

So that's my opinion on this, give those a try and see if it helps.  


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