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stop listening to songs


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Hi George,


Please would you create a video on stop listening to songs, i know this may sound like a strange request but you and I are both familier with illumanati and I really don't want these filithy songs they put out there trying to corrupt my innocent subconscious mind. There have been times where I have gone months on not listening to songs but sometimes i hear something I like and end up getting addicted to listening to it, I feel songs can influence my mind and knew that before I understood the subconscious mind. I am usually more positive when I don't listen to songs.


I have to say I have mostly been using the positive mind audio and has benefited me lots. I don't get pulled down easily by negative people.

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You've already had five requests fulfilled. Every time somebody with LESS than five makes a request, theirs gets priority. As I have no control over who makes requests (the vast majority of members have 2 or less requests made) there is no way to tell when yours will be made.

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