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These following affirmations I have had the most success with in terms of women and naturally attracting women without even trying. These are my all time best affirmations for everything to do with women and being a natural. I know you're busy George and you've helped me more than enough but this is my final request and it will help so many guys!  :)  :D


Women love me
People love me
All women, are my women
I'm always having fun
I love life
Everywhere I go, theres a girl there for me
I'm a sexy guy
Women pursue me daily
Beautiful women come into my life, easily and freely
I deserve to have whatever I want
I'm what all women desire
Attracting women comes naturally to me
I'm always in the moment
I live in the moment
Why do women try to seduce me?
Why are women so desperate for me?
Why do women love me so much?
Why am I so attractive?
Why am I so successful with women?
Everywhere I go, women try to seduce me
I'd have sex with myself
If I could clone myself, I'd fuck myself
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