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Few problems

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Hey there!

Do you listen to the Vimeo vids or the member vids?

The Vimeo ones you aren't meant to hear except sometimes you can hear a few words.

The members ones are meant to me in a slow normalish speed but because of the theta waves both your subconscious and conscience can hear them so yeah...(sorry for the horrible answer)

And the affirmations are requested ones so George only puts them in the way the person requested like if I say "you have a lot of money" George puts it as that!


Hopefully I answered your question even though it was a quite horrible explanation so yeah

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Many of the affirmations are by members, so they are created just as they are without editing. Most of them are designed using Milton Model presuppositions, and are generally targeted to "cluster around" the target outcome.


For example, if the target outcome was more confidence, all of the affirmations would collectively "add up" to more confidence, if they were believed to be true.


As for the four voices being "not enough," consider creating a solid visualization, with extreme detail, and focus on THAT with as much energy as you can, so you can't "hear" the affirmations.


Being able to "let go" of conscious resistance is a skill like any other, and requires practice.

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I know how to turn off conscient filters, the easy meditation track programs your mind for that. In my opinion this is the first track anyone should start. But pick that track as example, there are "i let pass toughts unnoticed" this is a very dangerous affirmation, yes it makes the programations works more easily, but lets you vulnerable to negative or bad subliminal or even superliminal affirmations that are everywhere. So my conscient even being off automaticly brings my attention to such dangerous affirmations, thats why i said that the affirmations should be more careduly chosen.

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