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Family affirmations


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Everyday I spend quality time with my family.

I make sure that my family is always happy.

Everyday I give thanks for my wonderful children.

My partner always supports me in life.

Everyday I spend quality time with my children.

My children always feel safe and loved.

I allow great experiences to enrich my children's life.

I allow my children to always express themselves

I always keep my promises to my children

I deal with my children with love and compassion.

I have infinite patience with my children.

I am a fantastic parent.

My partner always shows kindness and compassion to me and my children.

I am a positive role model for my children.

I am always there when my children need me the most.

I always support my children

I show unconditional love to my children

I never project my anger on my children.

I have amazing, Intelligent children.

I answer all my children's questions.

I encourage any talent that my children displays.

I have made peace with my parents.

My partner helps me achieve my goals.

My partner shows me unconditional love.

Me and my partner are amazing parents.

My partner is always there for me.

My partner has amazing sex with me.

I respect my partners opinion and we always are honest with each other.

My partner is rich and powerful.

My partner is caring and wise.

My partner is a fountain of great inner strength.

I eliminate self sabotage.

I instill positive empowering beliefs in my children's unconscious.

I love seeing my children more independent.

I have a great relationship with my mother in law.

My mother in law has great respect for me.

I always lead by example.

I always set a positive example.

I play with my children everyday

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