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I always retain my progress

I eliminate self-Sabotage

I always retain my skills

I always remain in peak condition

I am always getting better at my craft

I am unstoppable

I tap into vast resources of unlimited potential inside me

I am a high evolutionary

you are a high evolutionary

My body is evolving every single day

I always start a task immediately

I can master anything in a few hours

you can master anything in a few hours

I always continue where I left off

I don't stop until I master a skill

I always put in 100% effort into every task.

I always do my best.

I learn something new everyday about my craft.

Everyday I'm getting better at my craft.

I always make progress in leaps and bounds

People look to me to teach them

People look to me for advice

I give powerful positive advice to people .

I enjoy giving advice.

I enjoy teaching.

I am a master at teaching

I am always looking for ways to innovate

My mind is a master at focus

I receive amazing insight in my dreams

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