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I am the most prolific Scorer in My State

I always know what is happening on the floor.

I Score a minimum of 35 Points per game

Coaches are amazed by my Basketball IQ

I always make my shots

My shooting is getting better everyday

My scoring is getting better everyday

I instinctively know how to break down defenses and score.

I am an amazing rebounder

I have amazing Ball handling abilities

The ball never gets stolen from me.

I instinctively know when to score.

I always execute plays to perfection.

I am a floor general.

I am always the best player on the court.

I can lockdown any player.

I stop every player that I defend from scoring.

My Ball Handling is getting better everyday.

My reflexes are extremely sharp.

I have amazing hand eye coordination.

My presence on the court makes my opponents tremble.

My focus is practice is impeccable.

I concentrate at all times on playing my best in a game.

I play to the best of my ability at all times.

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