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Ex Back Video - Really fun to use, past admirers returning!


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Now, I haven't got my ex back (yet?) and I don't know if I will but my goodness this video is really fun to experiment with.  I have noticed this, and another girl I shared it with when it was on youtube had the same thing, other guys coming back to us.


I'm sure this would happen with other girls coming back to if someone who was attracted to girls (a straight guy or gay/bi girl) because it's a gender neutral video it doesn't say if you are attracting back a man or a woman so I believe it will attract back according to which one you want.  


Anyway, while my ex hasn't come back, it's been hilarious watching these OTHER guys come back into my life.

I know that some guys can be like that anyway, but not like this I have NEVER EVER experienced that sort of thing to this level.  And I LOVE it! (I think I've used this video three weeks to a month and started a couple of times more again recently but results happened quite quick I think.)


I had a guy who I'd been texting with come back six weeks later, get back in touch and we went on two dates and had a lovely time.  I think if certain circumstances in our lives were different, it's possible we'd still be dating by the way. Another one came back out of the blue and we didn't end up meeting but I got the closure I wanted.

I think that can be part of the ex back thing, by the way, closure.  I hear people saying you can get an ex back and realize they are NOT all that great well I STILL think that's a great thing, cos then you get closure.


And as far as my own ex, I think it DID left my beliefs that it COULD happen, so I think if you want your ex back, try this video, what have you got to lose?

But use it playfully cos I know this can be an emotionally-charged situation cos I know how it can feel.


Yesterday I had a guy I had 2 dates with in April get back in touch with me and he even ended up saying all these things like "I want to date you, would you consider that?" and telling me these reasons why.  Like I mean I think he wants to go on lots of dates with me and maybe be my boyfriend, that's SORT of what he was getting at. I'm thinking about it, but I said to him we'll go on another date soon and just see how it goes.  


And there's another one - there's been a few of them, you guys, in fact ANOTHER one started contacting again last night, it's like that they are just popping up, and it's so funny to watch and so fun and kinda exciting cos you never know who's gonna pop back next! - who is suddenly text flirting with me again but he even when he started getting in contact he was on holiday in a beautiful place and suddenly thought of me.  That's it they suddenly start thinking of you and that's even what one of the guys said.


Another guy who wasn't nice got in touch but it was GOOD cos he was nice to me and we got something resolved and that felt SO powerful too so amazing.  I realized he was harmless, he WASN'T a bad guy.  That guys NOT dating material but it was more getting things resolved.  




You HAVE to try this.


If you want your ex back or just to explore this and see who comes back into YOUR life, give it a go.

But like I said do it for fun, have fun with this. 

Cos it's really fun, I think, to watch what happens! 

(I think this is obvious but, it's under the Relationships section of the videos.)

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WOW... your experience with that particular video is pretty cool. It just proves how powerful GH's Hypnosis Videos are. I like that you said to do it for fun because when you see things happen in reality, it's pretty funny and serendipitous. Me myself, I haven't used the Get Your EX Back video but it's good that you have and have been getting experiences to line up with that. You've convinced me to put a little time in with it just to see what happens. I'm a curious person by nature. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, lol.


But thanks for your input, it's MUCH appreciated Athena!


I wish you good luck and good manifestations to come..... 

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MonsieurD, thank you so much for your lovely reply!  I wish you good luck and good manifestations to come as well.  That's a good point, it's always helpful to hear how videos have been working out for others.  Yes, I can be way too serious at times - even though I'm quite a naturally witty person by the way! - but sometimes being playful and experimental can help a lot, rather than "why isn't this working?" anyway I find these videos work quite quick for me, some take longer than others because there might be more resistance, with some I have had instantaneous results or results the next day that show me I am definitely on the right track in using them.  Besides they can be really fun to use, anyway and are empowering.  Do it just to see, I had another guy contact me last night, just saw it this morning, just another one on the dating site we were messaging, never met, that was in early May now he's said he's not really on the site much anymore but if I'd "like to take a chance" here's his number.  

Like you say, hey good or bad curious to find out.  


I can be curious too, and there's a video for that too!  I think it can keep life very interesting though.  


I DO have other success stories on some of the video but I'm not just gonna BOMBARD with them.  So, I have an private online journal, I've posted a couple of things there and I will make the effort to add to that and share later on some of the cool results I've had.  All very exciting and words honestly can't express how pleased and lucky I feel to have stumbled across this treasure trove!


I just really appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge my post and reply and thank you for sharing your own success story!

I was going to reply on your post but don't want to feel like I am dominating the board so want to wait till there's other stuff on there but I do want to say here then thank you, MonsieurD also for sharing your own success story on the Impervious to Others' Opinions videos.  I think it's really helpful to other people who use these videos to know about, helpful to George Hutton and nice for him to get that feedback and also I think it's nice for you to acknowledge the changes you have seen.  I have used it a little and will add it to the mix, will definitely be helpful! 

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Listening to this has been very beneficial for me. Not only are past admirers returning, some have came back with a sense of urgency! It took me a minute to connect the dots  :) as my intent was focused on one particular person but now i know it is from listening to the "bring them back" video. I've even had an ex-close friend reaching out to reconnect with me again. 


So the one I really wanted, has actually come back!  :DI expected him to come back like a roaring lion (over the top love profession) cause that's what I wanted but instead he came back like a gentle lamb. I am very happy regardless!! :D :D

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Dear Athena,

This is Lucky.. Really interesting post. Enjoyed reading it and also gave me confidence that these audios really help :) kinda jacks up my confidence a bit more. Can you please let me know what video you are talking about that gave positive results to you?


thanks a bunch


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