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How to stop negative projections from people.


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I know we live in a reality that we are all co creators. I just realized that the person who people think you are they project it on you and when you try to change it is really hard because you not only have to deal with your limiting beliefs but other people projecting a bad image onto you. is there any way to counter act the negative projections in the process of change.

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Once two Buddhist monks were waking down the street, and some guy came out of a bar and shouted some horrible insult at one of them.


The older monk (who received the insult) just smiled and kept walking.


Later, the younger monk asked him why it didn't bother him.


The older monk said:


"If somebody gives you a gift, and you refuse it, who does it belong to?"


There's a FANTASTIC technique from "When I Say No, I Feel Guilty" on how to deal with this:


When they say or imply, "You are X," you say, with complete honesty and curiosity, 


"What is it about me that makes you think I'm X?"


If they don't come out and say "You are X" but somehow imply it, simply use some Meta Model questions to get something (anything) specific and then hit them with the above question.


If you do this calmly, and with genuine curiosity, you'll be bullet proof.

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