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George, What are your takes on this.


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William Reich, a Psychologist in the early 1900s proposed that a mind can be programmed very effective in a pre-orgastic state. I see in the media the use of this technique by using sexy women in ads and for women, the Greek god type models to trigger a s Pre-orgastic state. combined with the fact that our brains are usually in low alpha-high theta in the evening while watch tv this makes us Pavlov experiments and whenever we see the advertised products our brains connect it to sex and since its in our human nature to have sex , we go and buy things we don't need. I was wondering while listening to subliminals in an aroused state what affects would it have on our mind. Would the subliminals work faster?

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Theoretically yes. However, there's a few issues here that need unpacking.


The way advertising works, especially with gorgeous girls, is that we have a natural desire to look at the girls (both men and women feel this), which is not usually pre-orgasmic. It's just a natural desire.


Then they put a product next to that gorgeous woman, and our desire for the woman gets transferred to the product. It's similar to a Pavlovian response, but not quite. A Pavlovian response would a complete substitution, so in the future, whenever we saw a car, we would want to walk up and start having sex with it, OR if we saw a pretty woman, we would want to run out and buy a car. Also, Pavlovian responses are generally limited to responses that are automatic, not conscious actions.


As far as Reich's work, it HAS been misused, for example that's how they used to try and "cure" homosexual men. They would get them aroused, and then FORCE them to look at pictures of women, hoping it would alter their sexual orientation (which was later believed to be genetic and therefor unalterable.)


However, there are scattered teachings (I happened to run across one called "Masturbation Magic") whereby you rub one out and then in that brief period of the "point of no return" and orgasm/ejaculation, you focus intently on your goals.


In fact, this is one way to charge a Sigil. Basically you create a graphic representation of your life's desire, in the form of a symbol, (the sigil) with meaning only to you, and "charge it" by staring at it while you rub one out. Doing this enough times is supposed to accelerate the manifestation of your dreams.


This is something that somebody could certainly incorporate into any subliminal listening session. 


(A studen told me privately that they practice this as couples, with each other's sigil on their partner's forehead, and then gaze into it while they bang each other silly)


As far as listening to subliminals, it would certainly help to have a sexually charged visual image, and use that to set your intention. Any manifesting requires a mental image accompanies by a strong emotional desire. There is NO stronger emotional desire that sexual desire (at least for men. Studies show men's pupils get bigger when they look at naked ladies, while women's pupils get bigger when they look at babies).


Napoleon Hill talked extensively about Sex Transmutation in "Think and Grow Rich." Although he didn't say specifically say HOW one was supposed to do it, only that those who were "highly sexed" tended to achieve much more, and he also mentioned that an over indulgence in "meaningless sex" was one of the indications of the non-successful.


In the book "The Five Tibetans" the author talks about certain esoteric yogic practices who promote the idea of NEVER achieving orgasm, only using the "pre-orgasmic state" to charge your desire, The idea being that if you charge your goal with the "pre-orgasmic" feeling of "pure desire' but then achieve orgasm, you'll kill your motivation for the goal itself.


I think that because this technique can be so easily misunderstood in the mainstream or even "brand killing" if promoted commercially, there's not much information out there.


But leveraging sexual energy is DEFINITELY something I think people should incorporate SOMEHOW in their self development process. (Just don't tell anybody!)


Fap Yourself Rich


:D  :D  :D

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