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Guest kanjan

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Guest kanjan

I am fearless

I always look on the bright side of things

I enjoy being the centre of attractions

I am always confident and powerful

People love talking to me

I make people laugh and enjoy themselves

My conversation skills are excellent

I always find something to talk about

I am full of charisma

I am a great conversationalist

I naturally attract others with my charisma

I am incredibly brave and courageous

I am confident just being myself

I always speak my mind

 people are interested in me

I effortlessly start conversations with strangers

I don't care what other people think of me

I act without worrying about other people

I can do anything I set my mind to

I have a high level of self confidence

I can achieve anything

I am proud of myself

I love myself

I am confident around new groups of people

I enjoy starting conversations

i am quick witted and hilarious

i am always find humour in everything

i make up humorous jokes on the spot

my humour is incredibly creative

i easily make people laugh

I enjoy meeting with new people

People enjoy talking to me

I am smart

I am creative

I am starting to feel more confident in myself

My Confidence, self esteem, and self belief are increasing with each day




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