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Call center Mastery

Max Power

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I am a master call center agent.

Everybody at work and in the call center loves me.

I am a master of crm-t (spoken "c.r.m.t")

I use crm-t perfectly.

I sell many products over the phone every day.

My whole team loves and admires me.

My customers always love me.

I am one of the best call center agents in Germany.

Every year I am a member of the winners circle.

I effortlessly sell products to my customers.

I am extremely charming and seductive on the phone.

People love my voice.

I masterfully use every software and program related to y job.

I know all the standard rates of my company by heart.

My customers are always more than satisfied.

My customers love me and want to give me back.

I am the best seller in my team.

I am one of the most successful call center agents in history.

My customers love to buy the Entertain-product from me.

I am a sales genius.

I am a master of sales.

I love being on the phone with customers.

I love my call center job.


And the same affirmations with the "you"-prefix please.

Thank you very much.

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