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Should the subconscious mind be given end dates to manifest results?

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Hi George,


In my mastermind groups, we always use affirmations with the word now at the end, and I believe in Think and Grow Rich an end date was used. I noticed end dates were included in Investor Entrepreneur which I like.


Could this be the missing link for those of us who aren't having the type of results as quickly as we would like?


Meaning, should the subconscious mind be given end dates or at least, now?


For example, I am a freelance millionaire by December 31, 2015 or I am a freelance millionaire NOW.


Please advise. Thanks.

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It kind of depends, sometimes it's good to use 'now' sometimes it's good to put and end date. (btw, that entrepreneur one was a specific request, with specific affirmations requested)


When you say 'now' the idea is to create the "feeling" of "having." For example, most people have the experience of being much more attractive to the opposite sex WHILE they are in a relationship. But when you're single, it's common to be sending out a "needy" vibe that kills attraction. So in this case, saying "I have the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend NOW" is to change your thinking so you radiate the same energy you do when actually HAVE an ideal mate.


Job interviews are very similar. Going on job interviews is much easier when you've already got a well paying job.


Becoming a millionaire is pretty complicated. It takes a lot of skills to earn a freelance million. So long as you have a good idea of what those skills are (hustling for new business, advertising, writing, etc) and visualize all those things while saying "now" it will make them seem much easier and natural when you are doing them for real.


The DANGER is by saying "now" you can trick yourself into thinking you don't need to take any action. It's easy to detach the necessary connection of YOUR ACTION to the EFFECT, or  your millions.


For a specific date, this is for conscious goal setting, and is to give day to day urgency. Otherwise you'll never get started.


Also, having an end date is necessary for conscious planning, as you can work backwards to your start date, and break everything down into measurable chunks, and even chart your progress, which is pretty motivating.


Alternatively, you can use the word "choose" which implies it's based on your choice, and your actions:


I choose my life as a freelance millionaire.


However, saying "now" is fine, so long as you understand you need a consciously chosen plan which includes an end date.


Think of it this way. Imagine you were a student, who had a HUGE exam in two months. Which statement (or combination) would you prefer:


I am easily passing this test now.


I choose to past this test.


I master this material and easily pass this test in two months.


Ultimately, it's up to you. Try on whatever statements you can think of, and see how they "feel."


Your intuition can tell you much more than anybody else.

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Re: Afformations


The purpose of afformations, (why am I so handsome) instead of affirmations (I am handsome) is to slip the idea past the conscious critic.


If you say, 'I am handsome' your conscious critic would say, 'yea, sure you are.'


The purpose of the conscious critic is safety. If humans believed statements that weren't obviously true, either due to evidence or massive amounts of experience, we'd be in big trouble.


There are MANY WAYS past the "conscious critic." One is traditional hypnosis. Another is repeating affirmations several times a day for months. Another way is creating listening sessions backed by theta waves to lower your conscious resistance, and then BOMBARDING your ears with positive affirmations, way too many to hear consciously.


Afformations are merely ANOTHER WAY of bypassing the conscious critic. However, mixing afformations (which are meant to be done in an awake, conscious state) with other hypnosis (which is meant to be done in a sleepy, drowsy state) is kind of counterproductive. Not all things that work separately will work together.


If one person practices affirmations, another person practices with listening sessions found here, another person practices afformations, it's really no different than three different people at the gym using three different ways of getting into physical shape. You can even use different tools at different times. Jogging one day, martial arts the next, weight training the next, etc. (But you don't necessarily want to mix them, like you wouldn't do curls while you are out jogging).


The bottom line is CHOOSE YOUR GOALS for your life.


Then find ANY TOOLS YOU CAN to help you get there.


There is no "right" tool or "wrong" tool.


There are only "effective" tools and "not so effective" tools.


The only way to really know is to try them, and see which ones work.


Some people get in shape by using free weights. Some by doing aerobics. Some by using the stationary bike. Some with machines. Some by boxing.


There is no right way or wrong way.


There is only what you want to achieve, and any and all tools that will help you get there.

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One last question, I desire to meet the right guy for me very soon and become engaged. I've been listening to Ideal Engagement.


Is this a good idea? 



It's also a good idea to take action, look for evidence of your success, and do some kind of daily journaling.


For example:


Day X


Things I did today to get closer to finding my soul mate:






Things I can do tomorrow to get closer to finding my soul mate:





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From my experiences, deadlines can work, but they do also place you under a state of great pressure if the task is too big, such as building a financial empire. If you set shorter deadlines, you will always manifest shady/illegal ways to riches. If you get more practical deadlines, you will likely manifest them in a resourceful and honest way, and you'll be proud of yourself. It will be more natural. Meditate on the precise deadline before setting it, or if you're highly intuitive, let that take over, and you will be fine. 


Easy Deadlines 


Getting Your next Romantic Connections/Serious Dating Opportunity/Flings, getting job interview calls and offers, getting invitations, manifesting business deals, etc. 


Tougher Deadlines


Getting the perfect home, the great car, building a financial empire, being in your dream relationship, living your dream life, etc. etc. 


It's generally easy to manifest possibilities, invitations, etc. You might manifest your next romantic connection/dating/possible girlfriend... but manifesting your ideal perfect relationship is a long term deadline. You might manifest your next job or your next business deal... but actually seeing it through to get there is another long deadline. 


Your willpower alone determines success. There's no cutting corners with the natural process. I've learned this much. Think of yourself like a child attempting to walk. How many times do you fall before you get there? It's just a part of the natural process... and the sheer pride/self confidence you get along the way makes the journey well worth it. 


With LONG TERM GOALS, make practical deadlines, and always think from the space of enjoying the journey, because that's what really makes life worth it. Nothing truly worth it will come fast and easy.

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@Light, how would you shape your affirmation and how many reps if say your intention was to earn (or make) over $2,800 per day or $20,000 or more per week or 1 million dollars by December 31, 2015?


A second example for someone desiring to meet and marry the man or woman of their dreams within 6 months?

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@Light, how would you shape your affirmation and how many reps if say your intention was to earn (or make) over $2,800 per day or $20,000 or more per week or 1 million dollars by December 31, 2015?


A second example for someone desiring to meet and marry the man or woman of their dreams within 6 months?





I am a millionaire, but it has yet to be materialized. That is... I can't give you genuine advice about building a financial empire until about 3-4 years from now. :P


I'll give you what I've picked up so far. There are two roads to financial abundance - one's through stable, another's through unpredictable money. 


So stable money - The key is to determine your worth in the market at present, what you can offer, and start off of that. Then you set the intention to be the best at what you do and earn financial abundance. Now these are with professions, where its predictable. With predictable professions, you can set deadlines. For example, looking at how good it takes to be a genius programmer will give you a great idea of your net worth. Eventually you will be contacted by Apple or Google and your services will be worth some 400k w/great benefits. The top tier of any profession will be financially abundant, no matter what. Their services will be wanted everywhere, be it programming, sales, hypnotics, healing therapy, law, etc. etc. With these it's relatively easy to set intentions - just look at how long the genius takes, it'll most likely take that long for you. 


Just say to yourself that : I am in a position to earn my dream income by ___ . Your mental and physical faculties would've developed to the point where you're genuinely worth that.


Now, the more unpredictable money would be real estate investing, the stock market, all forms of investments, entrepreneurship, etc. This is very difficult to predict. I actually do have experience here, as I have invested in the stock market... it took me 4-5 years to intuitively multiply the very small amount I began with x 7.  I can use my same intuitive model and predict it'll take another 4-5 years to see a similar payout. However, I can also bolster my investment strategies by meditating on astrology, planetary movements, etc. as they are often a good predictor of what's going on w/ our planet and altering my investing strategies based on that. I am also starting up my own projects, seeing what I can do on the Entrepreneurship level, and I know this will be a real ride and impossible to predict. This path is difficult but has its own rewards, as you can be financially free forever at a relatively young age.  


Now... I have set the Intent to be a Millionaire Patron/Role Model figure in my community by June 2018, and I am taking consistent action towards it by maximizing my talents. I will see how this manifests itself. 




Ideally, you combine the two. Have something stable going on and something running by the side. If you're solely depending on the second format of money, you'll need to ascertain you already have something stable to rely on. If you're solely depending on the first format... you have easy pickings, really. Pick your favorite trade, and then turn it into an OBSESSION. It's guaranteed you'll be one of the best in your field and be financially abundant. 


Thanks to George's IA, I forever have brilliant ideas and I'd eat myself if I just sat there and didn't act on them, so I'll likely be using the second format more often than not. 





Forget about cover models, actors, the like. They most likely won't fulfill you. I made this mistake early in my journey. Our culture obsesses over them too much, and once the fascination of dating some cover model or high end figure wears off, you realize you need something completely different to be truly happy. I have met my soulmate. She is very beautiful, but I would not have called her my dream woman at first glance. However, she also had some great interesting traits that I found fascinating, and I figured if I worked with her for long enough, she would turn into my dream woman, AND she would empower me so that I become the greatest version of myself. That being said, we are NOT together yet. This is something I will have to work on, but I do also realize the rewards will be well worth it. 


Attract not your dream man or woman, go for your soulmate.  You will meet your reflection. That person will complete you, fulfill you, and keep you forever happy. 


Affirmations could be - I am open to giving and receiving love. I am now attracting my soulmate. I am in a fulfilling and happy relationship, etc. etc. I wouldn't set a deadline for this. Let it happen in the most magical way possible. And after you've met them, just keep at it. It'll develop naturally to that point somewhere and then you two can co-create, instead of you deciding for yourself and ruining the beautiful chemistry 'cause you want things to go faster.  

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