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Review of George Hutton's "Intelligence Accelerator"

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This is a review of George Hutton's "Intelligence Accelerator" product :


The "Intelligence Accelerator" is most likely the most useful tool for someone wanting an insight on how to acquire a higher IQ, learn easier, and in general, becoming smarter! This isn't a "quick fix" to make you instantaneously super brilliant, but with  a commitment of an average of around an 1 hour a day changes (and a certain amount of days depending on your choice) in intellectual ability occur at a very decent speed. When purchasing this highly useful product, it contains :

  • Brainwaves, that can be used to brainstorm, study and to solidify what has been learned in a studying session
  • Hypnosis that can immensely increase your ability to memorize, skyrocket your creativity, and more
  • 2 Books containing crazy effective TECHNIQUES for increasing intelligence and information on the human brain and more
  • Beautiful classical Music for attaining focus...

I have used the "Intelligence Accelerator" for about 1 month and I have seen some awesome changes such as overall better english writing ability and more. This book does require some effort and commitment. If these two elements are there, nothing will hold you back from unleashing the intelligence over time that you are dreaming of. I purchased it and am happy, and if you need help Mr. George Hutton is here to help you! Become a genius today!



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I THINK he has an mp3 for foreign language, I can have a look if you wish.  I mean, a generic one for learning a foreign language. I've got a feeling I've seen something like that.  He also has one for Japanese and I think there is one other language but I've forgotten which one it is.  Let's see what I can find!


If you go to blogs and type these in (one at a time and search for it THEN try another): 

Linguistic Genius

Japanese Language

German Language

Super Language Learning


If you still can't find them and I'm allowed to put the links for them here? 

then I will help.  Hmm I think those links take you straight there and you click on the click to show bit and it should all come up. 

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