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Love your life how it is/ Satisfied with the imperfections of your life


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It’s great to have wishes but could you make a video that helps you fall in love/ be content with your current life no matter how different it is from what you are dreaming of. So that you stop asking for more and appreciate what you have so much that the now fills you with pure bliss and makes you think that there is nothing in this world that you need more of or that would make you happier than you already are. Even the imperfections of your life are a source of happiness for you. 


Some suggestion for affirmations:

I love my life, how it is. 

My life is perfect, the way it is. 

I am exactly where I need to be. 

All is well. 

I am doing a great job. 

I am content with every aspect of my life. 

Every aspect of my life makes me happy. 

Every day is perfect, the way it is. 

This moment is perfect, the way it is. 

I love my wonderful life. 


Thanks.  :)

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