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Overcoming Fear of Commitment


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I enjoy being in a committed in person romantic relationship.

I always attract absolutely terrific available men who eagerly commit to me and we are a perfect fit for each other.

I easily and effortlessly attract absolutely terrific available men that treat me well.

that come into my life to stay.

Men adore me.

Men love me unconditonally.

I allow absolutely terrific men to commit to me for a long term in person relationship.

I permanently release resistance to a lasting, in person monogamous relationship with my ideal man.



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I attract my soulmate into my life

Men love to take care of me

I attract wealthy handsome men into my life

It is okay to be Monagomaus

I love being monagomaus

I eliminate self sabotage

Men respect me

I am a sexy attractive woman

Men that are emotionaly stable support me in times of need

I have great sex with my partner every time

My partner helps me achieve my goals

I love long lasting relationships

I always attract long lasting relationships

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