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Attract the Right Man for Marriage


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Ideally this would have elements of Ideal engagement, Ideal husband but for single women desire to attract the right man vs someone who is already involved with or married.


It would also be great if it had an end date such as I easily attract the right man for marriage by December 1, 2015, It was love at first sight, he is the man of my dreams, I am  the woman of his dreams. The chemistry, attraction and connection is instant. We are always super happy and super in love with each other. We are very compatible, we enjoy each others company. we bring out the best in each other. 

He easily commits to me. He gives me the most amazing engagement ring and marriage proposal. He Only has eyes for me. He is sexually obsessed with me, desires me greatly, wants and needs me. He loves to please me and see me smile. Every day he showers me with time, attention and affection. He proudly shows me off to family and friends. He feels very blessed and lucky to have me. He always shows me every day he intensely adores me, cares for me, cares about me and is deeply and truly in love with me. He loves me for me and loves me  unconditionally. He is a great provider. He courts me, consistently pursues me, woos me and courts me. He calls me every day just to hear my voice. He is romantic, thoughtful and kind. He is well to do. We take luxury vacations together 3 times a year. He loves to spoil me and surprise me with gifts. He plans amazing dates each week and treats me like a queen. He is emotionally, mentally and physically healthy. He is always loyal and faithful to me. He is an absolutely terrific man. He is always trustworthy and honest. He finds me irresistibly attractive. We are a perfect fit for each other and blend into each others lives perfectly. Our family and friends get along well with each other. His family and friends adore me and my family and friends adore him.

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