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Max Power

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I am a God.

I am an extremely powerful, ancient god-entity.

I have complete control over space ad time.

I control reality itself.

I am omnipotent and omniscient.

All of existence is under my control.

I have an intelligence quotient in the millions.

Reality shifts in alignment with my intent when I snap my fingers.

I can teleport to any place and any time at will by snapping my fingers.

I control all timelines.

I control all universes.

I control history.

Any event is under my control.

I am the center of existence.

I am the eternal.

I am immortal.

I´ve always been and I´ll always be.

The universe is my playground.

I am invincible.

I control every natural constant.

I am the most powerfu being in existence.

I posess every superpower.

I can pass on my divinity to my biological children.

My DNA is divine and the best in existence.


And the same suggestions with the You-prefix, please. Thanks.


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