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Alpha Female Program would be AWESOME


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One thing I haven't seen that much of is an Alpha female program.  I've seen a few subliminal sessions for it (not very much compared to all the Alpha male ones but at least there's something).  I've seen one longer term hypnosis thing on Alpha females but not seen good results on it from others (this is not one of yours!) I used one hypnosis track and I DID notice I get on better with other women since doing that.  


However, I haven't seen a good or very much in-depth Alpha Female program out there ANYwhere.


Yes, I'm thinking of me ha ha but also I think a LOT of women might actually be interested in a program like this that they could buy.  There's a lot of common issues women seem to have - not all of us! - like insecurity, not seeing our value, being pushed around by guys etc.  And I think a program like this might be really good.  Perhaps it could include bits on improving body, body image, health and getting a great love life & boyfriend but also things like being assertive, self esteem, going for our goals etc.  


For me I'm the most Beta person I know.  What I mean by that is in terms of ACTING like a Beta woman.  And I would really love a program like this especially when (a) your programs rock and are helpful and ( B) as far as I can tell there's NOTHING out there that even comes CLOSE to a program like this.  It's just a thought.  I know guys have their own issues (like a lot of guys seem to want to become Alpha male partially so that they can get laid a lot more!) but for some women, well even the media every day it's implied we're 2nd class citizens, not beautiful enough, can't trust men and so on, I mean in the media etc, advertising esp.  Social conditioning.  I just think it would be a really great thing to have a program like this.  I don't mean it in a man-bashing way AT ALL.  I absolutely LOVE men!  In fact that's part of the program, I put men I like on pedestals & bow to their whims till I've had enough or they get bored - typical Beta behaviour!  But I guess I mean to level the playing field a little for women who want to have tools help them be more authentic, higher self esteem, more assertive, more confident, feel more beautiful and so on.  And set boundaries.


In the meantime, you have some fantastic hypnosis subliminals and programs and I AM using them on some of these areas and working through them and thanks again.   And I WILL put up more reviews of course. 


I'm sure you have loads of amazing things in the pipe-line & yes this charisma one looks amazing too & I have scheduled what I am working through & when & as always I'm so grateful for you, George and all you do! 


And you must work on what YOU feel is best!  But this is a request not just for me but I think a lot of women might benefit from it.  Another common issue, BTW seems to be when women are dating someone or they are in a relationship and THEN they start to doubt the guy, get insecure and compare themselves unfavourably to others.  Some tools to counteract THAT would be amazing.  (I'm not dating anyone at the moment & am on a break ha ha but I have had this issue in SOME cases in the past and I have heard SO many women say about this, they get insecure about their boyfriend and end up pushing him away.  (Or even a guy they are dating.)  Over & over again I have seen women say about this!  Thinking we are not good enough to keep a guy we really like interested.  But also, enough about relationships!  Having that confidence to follow our OWN dreams!  And see our gender as equally an advantage, not a liability to getting what we want.


But it's not just PERSONALLY, I think to be an Alpha really helps one PROFESSIONALLY also, increasing confidence, more likely to go for what you want and so on. 


Sorry about all the estrogen ha ha but an Alpha Female program - you know a program with a manual and listening tracks etc. would be amazing in the future so I just wanted to say that. 

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