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I brought the intelligence accelerator a few weeks ago

I've just started to do all the drills and the sublimnals (been busy so I couldn't properly do all the exercises)

I've notice small changes but they all build up to bigger changes


I've also decided to track the progress starting form now and will be writing it down on this article


Here it goes

Week 1:

Noticed some changes after doing image streaming and listened to the memory hypnosis and memory still stayed the same also got 84% on algebra test, and last year I got 40% so huge improvement


If anybody got any ideas or drills for me to try out please tell me





So I haven't been doing the exercises or listening to the subliminals for ages now so I've decided I am going to restart my journey again and I will be doing it on a new thread/topic called "the way to getting smarter" where I will be telling you what I will be doing to get smarter.


Thanks for all your help guys

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I have a personal one... where I observe absolutely everything. Whenever you're bored, just sit down, observe and describe whatever's in front of you with as much detail as possible, and as fast as possible. Forget about logic, let your intuition guide you and you'll reach some really woah-like brilliant ephiphanies/solutions, etc. It's amazing. 


Intelligence, from what I've gotten out of the IA Drills, is essentially Speed of Thought + Precision. Precise, focused, and yet... FAST. I am loving it. 

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Thank you George....

I've gotten so much smarter since I purchased the IA and also listening your Vimeo vids for more intelligence....

I have practiced some of the drills but I'm gonna start doing image streaming in a few weeks from now, because I've been trying to increase my visulation and it seems to be working

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Worldten image streaming is the best :D I do 45 mins / 5 days a week. What drills do you do ?

Wow. You're smart! I do a bit pseudo telekinesis, cross crawling (easy and fun), just started to ABC List creation and I'm gonna start image streaming in a few days firm now

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Week 3:

Alright everyone been busy and sick last week so that's why I couldn't post my update but anyways we will just call this week 3. So not much happened but I do a have a maths geometry test tomorrow so wish me luck. The test is about Pythagoras, trigonometry and construction so just doing some last minute studying while listening to George's Vimeo study music gamma! Wish me luck guys

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